Polgár Invest Ltd. is a member of the InfoGroup group of companies

InfoGroup has been active on the Hungarian real estate market since 1989. The Hungarian owned property development company was established by Hungarians private individuals. The group’s main activity focuses on office and industrial property development, and also several residential and commercial project are included in its portfolio.

Besides own property developments, Infogroup is active in built-to-suit projects, such as a logistical building of 18.000 sqm in Tiszaújváros and a warehouse building of 21.500 in Miskolc; moreover the company has also been developing a mall in Szentendre.

Since 2012 its activities have been supplemented by taking on ownership roles in industrial projects and project management. These portfolio investments include: waste management, plastics industry, services. Since 2013 the group of companies has been active in the area of venture capital and has established companies to support incubator houses.

Today Infogroup’s main projects are the development of Bartók Court Office complex, Karcag Industrial and Logistics Park and Polgar Industrial Park.