Polgár Industrial Park offers over 58 hectares of land prepared for development to companies seeking to establish operations and to long-term investors. Beyond this, the Park offers locally developed light industry and warehousing halls for lease.

Over the past few years our company has successfully applied for infrastructure and industrial park development funds. This support has enabled us to make significant investments. We are active not only in acquiring resources for our own projects, but work as a partner in accessing funds for businesses that establish themselves in the Park.


In 2013 the Industrial Park won the title of Regional Logistics Center.

In 2011 the Ministry for National Economy designated the Park “Industrial Park of the Year”.

In 2010 The Financial Times’ fDi Magazine called the Northern Great Plain region the most promising investment location in all of Eastern Europe.

Several electronics industry multinational corporations have chosen to set up their Hungarian headquarters in the Northern Great Plain region. One of the reasons behind this is that the Ukrainian, Romanian and Slovak borders are within a 90-120 minute drive by truck. The region is home to companies like Jabil Circuit, Bosch, General Electric and National Instruments.

polgar industrial park